Mission Network News: How the Gospel confronts Deaf marginalization

https://www.mnnonline.org/news/how-the-gospel-confronts-deaf-marginalization/ International (MNN) — Deaf people in societies throughout history have dealt with severe oppression. This marginalization of the Deaf is called Audism — discrimination against a person based on their ability to hear. The history of Audism has taken some dark turns. In Nazi Germany, more than 17,000 Deaf Germans were sterilized. Until about 60 years ago, […]

Deaf Bible Society Born

    International (MNN)- Since Faith Comes By Hearing creates audio Bibles, it seemed there was no way to reach out to the deaf community. But, they found a solution by launching a Deaf Bible App in 2012. “The Deaf Bible App, today, has about 16 languages in it, over 500,000 users worldwide–just tremendous distribution,” […]